Albatross Bikes are designed from the outset to fit the needs of the individual, not the masses. To this end we are dedicated to these principles:

Listen closely to the customer’s needs

Every person deserves to be heard and we take it very seriously with a rigorous interview process that will help us know how to make a bike best suited to you and your needs. When we ship the bike we want to be confident that you will receive the bike that you have dreamed of owning.

Think laterally to solve customer problems

When we design a frame, we design to the need first and then work to make it compatible with the components on the market. If we can’t make something off-the-shelf work, we will make it ourselves. Everything revolves around meeting the requirements of the customer.

Every element of the bike must serve a purpose

Bicycles are some of the simplest and most efficient vehicles in the world. We feel the need to respect this core design by making sure that we don’t add anything superfluous to a design. If it is on one of our bikes, it’s there for a reason.

Develop designs through rigorous testing

We promise you, the customer, that we will provide only the highest quality product to suit your needs. To make that happen, we spend a long time testing the parts and designs that we develop to ensure that you will never have an issue with your bike.