Albatross Bikes is dedicated to designing and building the highest quality of bikes and bike frames possible. User experience and product presentation will also be integrated into the final product such that the customer will have a truly unique and special experience that will not be surpassed. The customer always comes first in the custom bike experience and we will not stop until the customer is satisfied.


About the Builder

Anniversary One 4

Will Hilgenberg – Owner

Building frames for me started with my family. My father restores vintage motorcycles for a living and growing up, I was raised always surrounded by bikes and engines in various states of disassembly and repair. Because of the scarcity of parts, I was often asked to help machine new parts or make older parts fit.

In helping my father work on these bikes, I learned many valuable skills as well as the mentality that everything needs to be designed to last for a lifetime and to be easily repaired if something unexpected happens. I developed a real appreciation for what can be done with pencil and paper designs and keen eye for detail. The fast and new methods were not always the best methods of design.

After high school I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to obtain a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. There I learned the details of what goes into good design as well as the dedication required to produce quality designs. This was the modern design and prototyping aspect of my education.

Since then, I have been working to combine the modern engineering discipline that I learned through my college education with my background with vintage design and thinking and out of this I built the Albatross brand.