A bike is only ever the sum of it’s parts and we make sure that every bike that we build is put together with the best parts possible. To ensure we make the right choices, we have to do a lot of testing.

Oh darn.

So is it all fun and games in product testing? Yes and no. It means that we will spend many hours on the bike in all kinds of conditions trying new and different components but it also means that we will spend time on components that we may or may not get along well with. So it is really that bad? No. But it does need to be deliberate.

SC Evening Ride 23
Definitely not having fun with component testing.

We keep detailed records of every ride that we do and as we constantly rotate parts through, we keep track of how each component behaves over time. This can mean how quickly chains stretch, how long until a chainring starts skipping, or even how a pair of handlebars deals with vibration. When we can, we will do double-blind tests to get a truly impartial read on how the components will behave and test to get the numbers to back up anything that we can feel.

Kern 22.jpg
Nope, still not fun. 

Now, is this all necessary? In all honesty, likely not; but it does mean that you will have a database of information that you can access at any time to help you build up your bike to the best spec possible for your needs. It also means that when you ask for a recommendation, you can be sure that we have done our homework to make sure we understand how to put together the best bike possible.

Okay maybe a little bit of fun. . .

So what’s coming next? We want to put together all of our test data on the site here for you to access. Consider it a long-term database of everything that we’ve received, ridden, and installed with all of our notes and thoughts for each component. It’s a product review stripped down to the bare minimum so you can make a decision and not have to read all the fluff to get the info. Because this is a by-product of our own testing, it will take some time to put together but I can assure you, that we are working hard to get this data to you.

But is it fun? We think so.

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