Every Albatross frame that is built goes through a series of steps that we have developed to ensure that every customer is pleased with their finished frame. To better help you understand the care that goes into every frame, we’ve laid out our process below.



Every bike we create starts with a series of interviews. We need to understand the customers exact desires and to do so we need to get to know you. These initial interviews will help us to understand who you are, what your preferences are, and how you plan to use your Albatross.


With that knowledge in hand, an initial frame drawing can be drafted so we may work with you to narrow down what your final bike will look like. Whether you want four bottle mounts for those long rides without a pack or would desire dropper post compatibility for your gravel bike, we can make it happen. Our expertise in the compatibility of components and specifications allows us to guide your component choice for you to get the most out of your bike.




With a finalized drawing, we then proceed to the frame construction. The frame tubes are pulled from stock for each individual frame and mitered to provide a good fit for brazing. Our brazing process has been painstakingly worked out to produce the straightest frame possible. If the frame does not meet our standards at any point during production, we will immediately scrap the frame and start again. Our customers will never ride anything that we wouldn’t ride ourselves.

Framebuilding 11

Mini Shop 30

Mini Shop 18

Finish Work

Each frame produced will be finished with the utmost care to provide a solid basis for whatever the customer can conceive of for their own personal finish. Options ranging from powdercoating, to custom paint, to plating are all available at varying price points. We will provide suggestions and guide the customer to the finish that they are looking for. Along the way, we will develop concept sketches to help each customer picture what the finished frame will look like. These concept sketches will later be gathered together along with an original artwork inspired by the final design in a chronology of the bike design that is delivered with each frame.



Every custom frame that we build, we prefer to assemble with components in order to make certain that everything comes together as desired and will meet the customers needs. Each frame will be partially assembled to ensure a perfect fit before being stripped back down for the finish work. Once the frame is ready for delivery, the frame will undergo partial assembly for shipping such that the customer need only to attach the handlebars and wheels to go for their first ride.



Bikes/Frames will be delivered to the customer in their own custom built crate to protect the customers investment. Along with the frame, each crate contains the following;

  • A unique photobook of the frame through the build process
  • Frame-fitted cradle that is sized for each frame individually
  • Customized toolkit to match the frame
  • Paired artwork inspired by the paint/finish choices of each customer

Other accessories and customization options are available upon request.

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